25 Boland Court
Greenville S.C. 29615
(919) 257-9053


What to Expect in Foundations

Three introductory classes where you will learn the nine foundational movements of CrossFit, along with various other movements and skills, with a short WOD to conclude each class.
An introduction to the CFR philosophy: The whiteboard, training, rest, and nutrition.

A $60 fee ($20/session) due at your first class. Your monthly rate will then be pro-rated from your start date.

Who is CrossFit For?

Everyone! We train all types of people, from competitive CF athletes to stay at-home moms. The programming of CrossFit is scalable and adaptable to any fitness level. It is different than any other workout you’ve ever done, so don’t go trying to get “in-shape” for CrossFit before you can start. Trust us; the only thing that gets you “in-shape” for this is hammering out WODs. Give us a positive attitude and a willing spirit, and in two months we can change your life.


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